UNION SCIENCE Company Ltd. is an integrated distribution center for scientific products, serving a wide range of merchandises as well as responding to all needs of customers. The Company’s products are ranging from chemicals, glassware, plastics, instruments, laboratory apparatus, and scientific teaching & learning tools as well as laboratory designs to scientific equipment repairs. More importantly, UNION SCIENCE has professional staff willing to serve all customers with utmost efforts.

Throughout 20 years of business operations, UNION SCIENCE has committed to developing its human resources and business to deliver excellent products and services responding to all customer needs within a short period in order to strive to become “The Best Partner for Lab-works".  As a result, the Company is certified with “ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System” standard in the category of service. Presently, UNION SCIENCE is one of the leading scientific products distributors to both public and private educational institutions, including industrial factories.